Radiohead- No surprises

I’ve been recently obsessed with this song. It’s been a long time since revisiting Radiohead. This one appeals to me as much as Nice Dream. It’s got this sort of lullaby sweetness to it. i interpret “surprises” in this song as the negative types like your car breaking down, work drama, or bad news. It pretty much meshes well with those days when it’s raining and you don’t want to leave the house. i especially like songs with sentiments towards pretty houses and gardens. For example, my favorite Crosby,Stills,Nash song is Our House. It exemplifies the dream of growing old with great companionship in a cozy house with two cats. Le sigh*


Today, was one of those days….where I have to remind myself that this is a transitional job and not a lifelong career. I work somewhere along the lines of retail- a certain health food store. There are many things I love about it= the products, the customers, the job itself

What I don’t like about it= the people I work with [at least in my own department].

Why? Too much estrogen, catty, mood swinging, attention seeking, ruthless, rude, and downright spiteful/jealous women all in one itty bitty department.

Sometimes I’m amazed at the days we all get along..other days it’s like a flashback to middle school because even my high school experience was better and more mature. I want to slam my head on a desk because of their anti-feminist actions and for fulfilling all the awful things people say about women in general.

Sometimes I get sucked in and manipulated by these mind games of drama. However, I’m learning to tell myself- In a year or so these people will be forgotten. They will be a glimmer of a memory, the flickering of dust in my brain, and a distant hum of a far away train in the past.

So, if anyone reads this and is in a similar situation with someone[s] frustrating the mess out of you…Remember, the people you keep with you are the good people..the people you leave behind were best left behind as a faint memory. You know what to do, you know where you’re going….and the people who bring the best out of you will stick with you forever. Keep your heart filled with love and forget about the anger. Let go and remember!


Side note:

*Daiya vegan company-you have me brainwashed to not even look at your ingredients anymore…if you were suddenly to mix liver mush into all the good products you make I would never know. I guess I’m easy to “poison”. P.S. I think the new vegan cream cheese needs some work [I give it a 7], Follow Your Heart [definitely 9] is about 2 points tastier..out of 1-10 scale.

*I received an amazing little note and necklace in the mailbox from my friend Tiff. It was really sweet and made my day. The day started bitter and became chocolate by the end. We’ve been friends [including my friend Emily] for 12 years! That’s friggin’ amazing! We’ve lived together, cried together, laughed together, yelled at each other [rare, very rare], danced together, dreamed together…I always wished for the friends that would stick for a lifetime. Here, they are.

*I’m trying to save money, but I keep spending it like water. It seems innocent- I just need some cheap earrings and then I buy a fancy top. I feel guilty for buying stuff so then I buy my husband stuff. He can’t get mad at me if I buy a present, right? I go to the grocery store and I’m hungry. Everything looks good and I check out with $105 grocery bill. Agh! I was frugal once! I used to live on goat cheese, crackers, tomato soup, and ramen in college. I’m going to have to retrain myself, apparently.

*I sneaked on to facebook and deleted people that made me deactivate it to begin with…[mainly people from work lol]. Makes me uncomfortable to not have privacy…

*I wrote down ideas for my dream baby shower [hopefully the end of this year or next]. I’m counting down till July to take a test. Theme ideas: Forest Animals [owls, deer, foxes, rustic theme] or Showered with Love [pink/red/orange, rain clouds, rain boots filled with flowers, hearts]..hostess with the mostess blog gave me a lot of great ideas and pictures to look at! ❤







Happy Father’s Day

Cat Stevens- “Father and Son”

This song always makes me teary ..I can’t necessarily relate to father and son bonding..However, it makes me think of my own relationship to my father. Happy Father’s Day to all! In memory of the fathers that have made an impact, the fathers that have passed away, and the paternal figures in our lives that are “fathers’ to us.

New Music


I am so excited! New albums have been released from Empire of the Sun, Phoenix, and Camera Obscura. I almost gave up on these bands putting together new music and then BAM! They hit me with the greatest news 🙂 more music!

I’m really picky about lead vocals [I like really quirky, unusual sounding leads..even when they’re off key lol] in music and the style..I tend to like music that either makes me nostalgic, sentimental, or empowered. While, I can enjoy a silly song about poppin’ tags from thrift shops…most of the music that sticks with me has a story, characters, or a feeling that resonates with me years later.

Postal Service still reminds me of my first semesters in college, crunching leaves as I walked to class, and all the thrills of dating that ended with woes. The latter you would usually want to block out, but those moments taught me what I wanted in a relationship and what was actually good for me. My experiences shaped me for the exact moment that my husband and I were ready to meet. If we had met earlier in life, I wouldn’t have been nearly evolved into the person that I am today.

Some people are shocked that I like Tom Waits’ music. Let me explain here:

His music isn’t about singing in key or being beautiful. It creates characters, a mood, and a feeling. He can switch from a jazzy style to a dark, husky voice from the depth of nightmares. If it’s enough to convince you, at least adore the song from Fight Club [Going out West].

I love his works! I can easily switch to Tracyanne’s heartbreaking melodies and sweet crooning of Camera Obscura. Or even listen to Jim Croce’s Time in a bottle [my mom and dad’s wedding song]…Music is fascinating and all its preferences. Just like there’s a woman for every man..I believe there’s a song for every person.


I’m off to go bowling, watch the stanley cup, and drink coca cola like its going out of style.

Rainy Day

Today’s weather has led to plenty of wardrobe malfunctions. It has been cloudy, cold, rainy, sunny, hot, humid, and then monsoon extravaganza. At least I’m warm and dry cuddling with the cats, listening to music, and pushed the window 2 inches upwards for the perfect symphony of rainy Fridays.

The highlights wrapped in gold:

*I visited the family today and had a delightful vegan feast with a coworker at dinner time.

*Camera Obscura released their new album today [Thank you, for the music! Quick shout out: I love you Tracyanne Campbell!]

*Looked into several practical items of the day: owning vs renting a house, a new car opportunity, and of course, sewing classes….

Okay, so maybe the latter one is shafted by the overwhelming responsibility of the other two…However, I am really interested in learning to alter and sew my own clothes. The sewing shop I looked at offered 6 classes for $125.

*Not preggo. Just putting that out there before I complete my next thoughts. My husband and I have decided to make a try for parenthood at a “go with the flow” pace. So, I am not sure if I’m pregnant yet, but here’s hoping.

I am excited about the changes that lie ahead of us. Already, I am taking greater care of my health than ever before.

I’m no longer drinking alcohol, cut my coffee to one cup, eating healthier, and enjoying some consistent exercise. And no longer shoveling cat poo from the litter box [Win! Thanks, Hubby]

Let’s talk supplements! 

Prenatal multivitamin- Mainly for extra B vitamins and iron. FYI all multivitamins [even you, dudes] have 400 micrograms of Folic acid=A very important B vitamin that helps with normal development of neural tubes the first two weeks of conception. I’m taking the Rainbow Light brand because it’s one horse pill a day with a high I have to take food with it.

B-12…because when you’re vegan, it’s always safe than sorry. This one is by Mega Foods- one of my favorite supplement companies. They are from New Hampshire and use local foods to aid absorption of vitamins/minerals and it’s all pressed into tablet form. They still use brown glass jars 🙂

Spectrum Vegetarian DHA- I take about 400 mg of DHA a day because it’s plant based and may have a slower conversion rate in my body. DHA aids in brain health [focus, memory, all that jazz]. This one is sourced from algae and the soft gel is made from pectin. Fish oil converts a tad better because they’ve done the work of eating the nutrient rich algae and converted it to a highly absorbing DHA and EPA [the latter is heart health]. I don’t want to eat fish. The vegetarian/vegan best option is taking lots of algae pills and eating chia seeds. The recommended minimum dosage for prenatal women is about 200 to 250 mg.

Chloroxygen- this is a brand of Chlorophyll that I have really been enjoying. It has helped get rid of a problem I had for about 8 months [hands turning blue due to lack of oxygen]. I think this combination and more Niacin [B vitamin helps with circulation] has aided in better circulation…and better looking hands.

My hairdresser scared the pants off of me when she said copper acts as a spermacide..because Chlorophyll often lists copper chlorophyllins as an ingredient on the back of the bottle. I did some research and what she was referring to was the birth control that’s T shaped with copper wiring. The copper in chlorophyll is not the same as the metal birth control [which by the way is mainly effective due to it’s structure not the metal, theres some kooks on the internet that say otherwise]. This chlorophyll copper is natural minerals sourced from nettle leaves. Nettles are great for pregnancy- they are so rich in nutrients and minerals that often are lacking in the body. Anyhow, whether your a woman or man Chlorophyll is the utmost amazing stuff- it’s like drinking the life force of plants and gives me an extra push of pizzazz in my day. I think it may have given my skin a radiant glow because I am asked every day at work what I’m using on my skin by absolute strangers….or it could be the humidity blessing my face with oily prone skin

I have bought some red raspberry leaf tea that increases fertility and aids in strengthening the woman’s body for pregnancy.

Being vegan I am reading a specific book for nutrients..trying to aim for that golden amount of protein 70 mg and incorporate a diverse amount of food..the more diverse my food, the better acquiring of nutrients.

Michael and I have got our hands on lots of literature and at times reading the material on pregnancy and seems daunting, painful, scary, and uh, why would anyone ever have kids? Gagging over placenta descriptions…we always return to keeping it simple and not make this baby business so alienating or rocket science.

Keep it simple.

And when you get here child, you will have two parents that will jump the moon for you<3

——-end of baby talk————————————–

In general, I’m in this mood of throwing caution to the wind and when I normally would hold back any thoughts or feelings..I’m doing the opposite. I’ll have to be careful my tongue doesn’t get too comfy at work. I’m always the “nice girl” and people really can’t handle my quirks of sarcasm or cynicism ..when I choose to indulge in them.

Oh, Pisces problems.

I had an odd dream last night. I went to a greenhouse and asked for seeds to grow Poppies. The lady led me to the back of the store and showed me a beaten up Poppy plant. “This is all I can offer you,” she said. My eyes widened, “This…But will it grow? I mean will it get stronger and bloom? There isn’t even a poppy on it. Are you sure it will bloom?” The lady was still holding up the plant squinting at it, “Yes, it will grow. It’s still good. It will bloom.” Later in my dream, someone handed me a bouquet of poppies.

I often wonder if my spirit animal is a wolf because I had nightmares/dreams of wolves since I was a child even to college days.